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Yoni Steam Blend

Yoni Steam Blend

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Our meticulously crafted blend of herbs designed to provide a rejuvenating and healing experience for women. Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, has a rich history dating back centuries and is rooted in ancient healing traditions from various cultures, including African, Asian, and Indigenous practices.

The benefits of yoni steaming are numerous. It is believed to support women in maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle, reducing menstrual cramps and bloating, promoting relaxation, and aiding in the detoxification of the womb and reproductive organs. Additionally, yoni steaming is thought to increase circulation in the pelvic area, which can be beneficial for fertility and overall reproductive health.

Our proprietary blend for the Goddess Yoni Steam Jar includes basil, red raspberry leaf, oregano, rose petals, and other carefully selected herbs known for their therapeutic properties. Basil  is often used for its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects, while raspberry leaf is renowned for its toning and nourishing qualities for the uterus. Oregano contributes antimicrobial properties, and rose petals add a touch of soothing fragrance and potential hormonal balancing benefits.

For women seeking to heal their womb space, yoni steaming can be a gentle yet powerful tool. It offers a holistic approach to feminine wellness, supporting not just physical health but also emotional and spiritual well-being. Incorporating regular yoni steaming sessions into a self-care routine can be empowering and nurturing for women at all stages of life.

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Our fertility tea range is meticulously crafted with ingredients such as raspberry leaf, chaste tree berries, and nettle to help your uterus and hormones
Yoni Steam Blend
Yoni Steam Blend
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